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The 'Fuck Yourself' project consists of nude self-portraits superimposed in a specific pose to create images depicting the act of sexual intercourse in each piece. The 'Digitised' series is part of this project and aims to appear 'appropriate' and 'discreet' by implementing digital manipulations for censorship, especially in relation to homoerotic content. This censorship is self-motivated and is applied to the images in question as a reflection of a certain self-hatred after growing up in a homophobic society. 
The creation of my very first series of photographs can be traced back to a period of deep emotional isolation and mental anguish. During this time I was haunted by a recurring thought: "I'm fucking myself instead of starting the new life I was always looking for". This state of mind persisted for two months after I moved abroad for the first time from the country where I was born and had lived until then, following a random decision to challenge myself by choosing Berlin, a place completely foreign to me, with the intention of making a new start.

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