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 what i am looking at, is it exactly what i see?

is what i see, exactly what i understand?

how far silhouettes can get to be seen?  

how many selves can a human mind contain?

what about other humans? are they the same?

stuck between linear or nonlinear,

but not an amygdala?"

energy in motion - emotion

In 2014, I picked up a DSLR camera intending to refine my photography skills. To my surprise, the blurry, light-filled images I took were incredibly captivating. I delved into the details of manual settings by continually capturing city lights and artificial light. 
As a challenge to traditional photography norms by focusing on the expression on world's imperfections and chaos in an abstract form rather than striving for perfection is also resonating very much to my human experience and ideology in life.
My scope expanded beyond cityscapes and crowds to include self-portraits as visual representations of my inner dialogues. Furthermore, the project evolved naturally, with its categories emerging without any deliberate planning as my work, resulting in a diverse portfolio of cityscapes, figures, portraits, and abstract compositions.
A decade later, reflecting on my work, I recognized my inspiration came from a deep emotional conditioning due to analysing periods of time when I used to focus on certain subjects. Beside increasing my awereness towards light's and energy's correlation. So, my project got its final title as"Energy in Motion," acknowledging the role emotions on our perspectives or practices.
Still I continue to explore new themes and techniques, pushing the boundaries of my creativity. Emotions now includes the exploration of different lighting conditions, capturing the interplay of natural and artificial light.
And experimentation with various aspects of movement and even stillness. And this process allowed me to connect more deeply with myself besides the subjects I photograph and create images that are not only visually appealing but also rich inarrative.


realities confiscated in distortion and deformation. in silence between infinite tick-tacks, energy keeps in motion as human in progress

silhouettes appear, only to disappear at that very moment.


widespread stabilisation

facing an attempt of denial.

inverted or coloured,

fluid and eternal
light, over the time, again and again..


hiding behind or inside

what if from a deform?

how about itself.

in a journey around,
cities or skies, lowlands or aerials

energy in motionalscapes