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 what i am looking at, is it exactly what i see?

is what i see, exactly what i understand?

how far silhouettes can get to be seen 

how many selves can a human mind contain?

stuck between linear or nonlinear,

but not an amygdala?"


realities confiscated in distortion and deformation. in silence between infinite tick-tacks, energy keeps in motion as human in progress

silhouettes appear, only to disappear at that very moment.


widespread stabilisation

facing an attempt of denial.

inverted or coloured,

fluid and eternal
light, over the time, again and again..


hiding behind or inside

what if from a deform?

how about itself.

in a journey around,
cities or skies, lowlands or aerials

energy in motionalscapes


dialogues in constant conflict within.
praised hurricanes would rather be a trick on echoes’ rumbling.
paradoxes guide in labyrinths built by countless selves.
silenced delirium, yet kept in forcefully by sitting on a thought of yelling “run!!!”, hysterically.