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mustafa kemal kim was born in cyprus in 1990 and since 2013, has been living in berlin where he currently works as a self-taught photographer.

"mustakemakima" as the artist name aimed to avoid a profile that was erroneously attributed to him and indirectly has given rise to further questions regarding identity by an additional layer of "otherness".

musta's experiments contain the interplay between time, light and movement through intentional camera movement or kinetic light painting techniques used in long exposure photography. musta is also interested in photography as a tool for broader forms documentation such as socio-political issues. his experiments on his own human experience are a synchronic process in which he expands and develops his perceptions to the relativism as an outward artistic journey.

to this date, his photographs have been shown at various festivals, art fairs and group exhibitions besides acquirements' of private collectors.

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