Movement as energy collaborating time,
resisting on any change.

Bursted colors in various forms, deformed even.

That is the change, silhouettes appear in color. How?

Motion is consuming colors,

They are fading. The moon dances, silhouettes turns its origins, colorless.

If still possible, run and hide into your shelf-self but which one to choose?

Inner dialog quote: does it matter being understood nor understanding?

Nowhere to hide.
Others are still there, in different shapes and shades.
Get closer, before completed dissolving.


Defined and existed.
How long more?
Produced by nature or machinery.

Some plastic to be immortal.

Natural but half-dead.


Regardless collected black and white subjects.
Taste or aesthetics? 

Defined personal.

Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybe

connected corners, constructed bodies on concrete.

visible, decorated or hidden columns.
erected by functional walls.
architectural pieces,
structures created in human mind
different eras, influences, functions

nations, inspirations. 

aware or not,

victims to a deformation by abstraction.