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mustakemakima 2022©

Photographs for this project are categorized into four different titles;

Each title has selected photographs from various urban scenery series that began back in 2014 and continues further. My lens is directed often on crowds (named as Silhouettes) or chosen individuals' portraits (&others) motivated to reflect on existencial questions, durability and instabile perspectives caused by emotions.

Stabile positioned objects representation as emotion, movement, combined with light and camera to reflect patterns of energy in motion as abstract form. A mixture of colors and known subjects dissolve while transforming into a new form. A subjective definition.  This approach to point out fragility of perspectives or understandings internal or interpersonal conflicts influences on a person's life via objects' redefinition and abstract alienation,

Questions with "what is ...?" or "who is ...?"  for understandings of "reality" considered as direct or indirect definitions by ancient thinkers based on what is observed. In other words what is experienced/lived/consumed. embraces my understanding on consumed "reality" perspective. Digested knowledge shouldn"t miss process of decompose and recompose followed by represent. As manipulation of power holders using channels like education, media, and recently also private data,  My weapon to dissolve "what is real" aims to serve as imperfection rather than perfection, unclear rather than documention which also is a reflection on instable emotions for thyself, existence and by the limbic system of a brain can cause.  


The leaves were suddenly red. All that impressive green was gone. 

The source of light has  changed it position, it is invisible now. Voices kept repeating "You can't escape", "Follow, you will be found.". Dead words that were green once, missing the water. Water has disappeared. A source, to water you even you dried.

The eyes, light brown to green, to unusual red. You are all invisibile, either one cannot see. Thinking. Creating. Complications. Distances. Cannot judge any.

Black bin bag is empty. All that were thought to be in, they all run away through a hole, at the bottom you didn't see. Back to their nature, involunterely donation. 

A road? Has your mind checked that out? What are these flowing? Is nothing visible? Right, totaly emtpty. Bunch of wreck. All circut is off. Go away. Actually all of you.

Love is murdered.

No, I will not talk anymore. A soul that has been poisoned spreads poison in every single word, in every sentence that it manages to complete which returns back to itself as strikes of death.

Breath. Was that poison really contagious? If it wasn't, come closer again, only for couple of kisses more.

No, stop. It's enough. Talk to me again. Without the poison. Let your words not to injure, nor to murder. If managed, hold them tight, they should remain. 


Raise your head. What's that you see? Infinity? It is.  But for real? Does it exist? Where's ur soul? Your body? How are you this exhausted? 

Don't hold me. Break my chains. Set them free. Though, don't open the door of this room where I can't breath anymore. Set the chains free. Speak to me louder. No, I will not ask politely. It has been hiding between the forgotten furniture, behind an armchair. But no, incompleted, began but stuck in the middle, nothing could fit in there.

I will bang my head on walls, 

Walls of people who built them by themself.

even more, on borders of countries,

on systems' barrier in communities, 

a head, is not to be strong,

what if they were more

a skin on skull

any barriers banged on a bone,

even blood may covered flesh.

i bang,on those invisible walls., even more.

till I bleed again, if I will ever.

I destroy the barriers in between,

set by people.

don't Hold on more now,

use your head,, on those walls

Break any walls,-borders,-barriers

agreed deal is death, same end

except the walls

but to exist more, bury them before


rather to hide heads in invisible walls

or mind out,.      14 07 13

The dynamic substance everything is made of.

Movement of the mind, desires, or passions; mental act, or impulse to any action; internal activity, (philosophy) from κίνησις (kinesis); any change. Change of place. 

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