The leaves were suddenly red. All that impressive green was gone. 

The source of light has  changed it position, it is invisible now. Voices kept repeating "You can't escape", "Follow, you will be found.". Dead words that were green once, missing the water. Water has escaped. Source to water you, even you have dried.

The eyes, light brown to green, to red. You are all invisibile, either you cannot see. Thinking. Creating. Complications. Distances. Cannot judge any.

The bag is empty, all that were thought to be in there, they were all gone. Donated. 

A road? Has your mind checked even that out? What are these flowing? Is nothing visible? Right, totaly emtpty. Bunch of wreck. All circut is cut off. Go away. Actually all of you. Love is murdered.

No, I will not talk anymore. A soul that has been poisoned spreads poison in every single word, in every sentence that it manages to complete which returns back to itself as strikes of death.

Breath. Was that poison really contagious? If it wasn't, come closer again, only for couple of kisses more.

No, stop. It's enough. Talk to me again. Without the poison. Let your words not to injure, nor to murder. If managed, hold them tight, they should remain. 


Raise your head. What's that you see? Infinity? It is.  But for real? Does it exist? Where's ur soul? Your body? How are you this exhausted? 

Don't hold me. Break my chains. Set them free. Though, don't open the door of this room where I can't breath anymore. Set the chains free. Speak to me louder. No, I will not ask politely. It has been hiding between the forgotten furniture, behind an armchair. But no, incompleted, began but stuck in the middle, nothing could fit in there.