Project Title: Silhouettes

My personal experiences in society, especially in "digitally connected" societies initiated by the system, developed into interpersonal relations that is visibly influential. 

Nowadays, spreaded fear between individuals constructs a new normality to acceptance to isolation, in other words forced distances under the name of unity and care. People have been imposed on quicker adaptation for a digitally functioning world introduced already approximately two decades ago whereas physical disconnection in social relations increased beside spreaded much more psychological issues. This dystopian reality aside existing and empowered "individualisation" in social concepts as "losing interest to others" in my experience, already identifies a problematic issue and appears as emotions driven species, humans are under threat. Dictated division in societies offers a well wrapped package as "unity" to serve further disconnection for society's moral acceptance. And within this understanding, people which merge and dissolve at the very moment they appear in groups or as single people aim to represent this transformation. This project has started 2014-15 and still continues without a certain finish line.