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Green Border

Some minutes of break in between but it was hard to hold tears to stop running during the movie, even after the movie.

People, human beings, same as you are, same as I am,.. Only difference between us are probably where or in what kind of privileges we were born to. I didn't need to walk for hours, pay unreliable summagelers or deal with any authorities when I decided I do not want to live anymore where I was born. I just took a plane, I have got some money in my account to survive and I packed my luggage and I was in "precious" European soil where human rights are promoted. I didn't escape a war zone nor poverty, I didn't experience what is it like to have "no home" physically.

In Hollande's movie , Green Border one can watch (especially people of color) can experience when they look for a refuge in country where they would have safer or better future.

From what refugees experience to other human experience who are taught to be apathetic by "this is a duty" belief of border patroller employed humans or those who take advantage to monetize or use those who are in vulnerable condition but also other kind of humans who choose to dedicate their time and their advantages to help others in need.

Each perspective has their point, surely. However once one can develop compassion and empathy, I believe they cannot follow "their duties" or be abusive on others but actually help those in need. If the system is educating us to be "afraid" of one another, to harm one another in order for our own safety, I do not want to be part of it. This statement has been my motto since decades as I have got to know myself a little bit. Unfortunate compared to no other, but being born into a divided island which still has its wound all opened and does not know how to heal from them to move on was mind-opening. Afterall, I could had born to more troubled land in the world

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