movement&time collaborating light,

all distorted.

silhouettes in color dissolve,

sharpness fade.

silhouettes dark again. 

inner dialogue quotes

shaping others.

a human is under process.


define and exist.
How long more?
appeared in nature,

or a plastic to be immortal.

natural and dead.


black and white subjects.
taste, aesthetics?


constructed ideas on landscapes.

sharp and bold, hidden columns.
random erected concrete walls.
different eras, influences, functions.

nations, inspirations.

patterns in abstraction.

Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybe
© mustakemakima 2020

is following photography's literal definition "painting/writing with light" to  experiment with a camera since 2014.

this never ending discovery started via using kinetic light-painting technique that is based on motion during long exposure to capture light or objects what light brightens, in a form what an eye is incapable to see. 

as I experiment and experience more, a self-realization on how that was a match about life's absurdity and unclarity based on being unpredictable thus blur and instable. With this realization, it became clear that my images represents emotions' physical host's perspective. Representative approach on a human's confusion and confliction.

Emotions(energy in human body) are essential to life and they keep a motion through the blood in body which is represented as light in my photographs.

Based on that my inspiration and motivation is yielded a spectrum with dilemmas within objectivity and subjectivity, an individual's and society's "dictated" morals, interpersonal experiences, socio-political chaos, 21st Century civilization framed in aesthetics and ideologies. Thus, creating as a "rebellious" act in consumer's world focused on standing against norms, traditions and perfection beside glimpse on existentialist human experience in uncertain time in life that is only known to be limited. 

Since 2013, I live in Berlin and in 1990, I was born in divided Cyprus's north.



15th Paratissima Art Fair, 2019 (Torino, Italy)

1st Chania Photography Festival 2018 (Crete, Greece)

17th Openair Art fair 2017 (Berlin, Germany)