1. Energy in motion.

  2. The state one feels in relation to something. Ideally it is a fluid way of experiencing things as fully as possible. If it becomes frozen and based on past incidents it is likely to lead to aberration.[3]


  1. (philosophy) from κίνησις (kinesis); any change. Change of place. 

  2. Movement of the mind, desires, or passions; mental act, or impulse to any action; internal activity. [2]


  1. The dynamic substance everything is made of.[1]

combination of selected photographs from various urban life photo series, started back in 2014 continues till present. "motion" project contains photographs where lens is directed often on crowds, random or chosen individuals but also on any (artificial)light source transformating into movement from stabile position. The objects deform and dissolve, meantime they became reproduced in a new form.  Narratives based on "reality", understanding of "reality" and questions this matter, how direct and naive is what we observe and consume under the influence of perspective and provided knowledge. Collected photographs can be viewed under different titles.