The dynamic substance everything is made of.

Movement of the mind, desires, or passions; mental act, or impulse to any action; internal activity, (philosophy) from κίνησις (kinesis); any change. Change of place. 

Photographs for this project are categorized into four different titles; IN COLOR, BLACKANDWHITE, SELVES, &OTHERS.

Each title is a combination of selected photographs from various urban life photo series, started back in 2014 till present. My lens is directed often on crowds(mainly Silhouettes series) or chosen individuals' portraits (&others), through my inner con.

Stabile positioned objects as emotion's definition, through a movement, and given the power of camera, I create patterns of abstraction projecting emotions. A mixture of colors caused by light and movement combined transformation dissolves in the exact moment and objects deforming the new. This approach aims to my point to the fragility of "perspectives" and "understandings" and provide visual that is not to define but to create alienation of an object that is already known.

Questions with "what is ...?" especially on understandings of "reality" in direct or indirect definitions by philosophers regarding what is observed in other words what is experienced/lived/consumed. In my understanding, consumed "reality" under the influence of personal experiences supported by digested knowledge cannot be avoided from being decomposed, deformed than to be represented same as manipulation of power holders using tools like education, media, and data, My weapon for this interpretation as my camera dissolves "what is real" and serves for imperfection, unclear images as emotions by the limbic system of a brain can cause.