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In 1990, I was born in so called "occupied territories" of Cyprus.
An eager to act for demanded change on political status quo in divided Cyprus provided me an insightful perspective based on existence in a politically conflicted society and therefore I could develop an understanding for causes of befitted labels and biases. Thus, appearance of invisible walls beside physical ones yielded alienation to "other". Built system via discrimination doctrine blocks a fellowship between unforgiven past and projects into interpersonal human experience supported by homogeneous society. An awareness on this issue empowers me for an introspective in redefinitions and reconstruction especially widespread perspectives as society's norms and traditions. Since then, my mission to present or to trigger an internal or a peripheral invisible wall built between human species' in social practices or in identities.

​Aiming to serve this understanding in a medium as photography, I've discovered kinetic light painting technique where a combination of motion and long exposure is used. This isn't satisfying expected traditional photography rules however feeds my muse on representing the mission, specifically on existence. Subjects are not used for a documentation nor a story to be told but rather a tool for redefinition via distorted, unclear imperfect images in an abstract form. In this subject matter, my targeted objects circulates mainly around human figure in urban scenery as well as (auto) portraits. Furthermore, an instability and dissolving objects converted to subjects in my images represents a conflict meanwhile a challenge for set up norms' that yields invisible walls, internal or peripheral conflicts.

My birth name is Mustafa Kemal Kim brought me a preferred name: "mustakemakima", due to tossing on a surprising invisible layer after moving to Berlin in 2013 by open minded hypocrite society.

My desire for self-expression and an uncomfortable silence motivated experimental-self-learnt photography as my method where comprehensively influences my practice for projects' spectrum.

Same magic spell additional to my light-painting experiments inspires me to be attentive on details within nature or abstract corners in architectural and urban design.


15. Paratissima Art Fair, 2019
 | curated by Paolo Lolicata & Laura Pieri

Turin, Italy

1st Chania International Photography Festival, 2018

organized by blankwall gallery

Crete, Greece

15. Openair Gallery, 2017

Berlin, Germany