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In 1990, I was born in so called "occupied territories" of Cyprus.
During my undesired studies, an eager to act for demanded change on political status quo in divided Cyprus provided me an insightful perspective on existence based on conflicted society and therefore an understanding to labels befitted through biases. Thus, ability to identify invisible walls beside physical ones yields alineacion from "other" against fellowship for humanity. This awareness empowered my introspective on redefinitions and to reconstruct widen perspectives on society's norms and traditions.

Aiming to serve this understanding in a medium as photography, I've discovered kinetic light painting technique that involves motion during long exposition.

Images through this technique results as distorted, imperfect while an instant manipulation of an object. This process inspires my practice and offers an individual perspective to common traditions. In this matter, my prefered subjects circulates within human figure, urban scenery, autoportraits and portraits. Through dissolving objects as a statement against the conventionally set up norms' invisible walls.

​Comprehensively, details in nature's and human constructions are projects aside my main practice with a digital camera.

In 2014, I began to use my prefered title "mustakemakima" as coverage on my given name due to avoid biases after I moved and still live in Berlin since 2013. My ambition on my self-expression motivates my self-learning processes and my projects' spectrum.


15. Paratissima Art Fair, 2019
 | curated by Paolo Lolicata & Laura Pieri

Turin, Italy

1st Chania International Photography Festival, 2018

organized by blankwall gallery

Crete, Greece

15. Openair Gallery, 2017

Berlin, Germany