Experimenting in photography I could find a determination through its literal definition "painting/writing with light".

Kinetic light-painting technique is based on motion while long exposure. Confused and conflicted emotions trapped in physical experience; a human. A person dictated under society's morals, values or simply in essence of life motivated by unfair and inequalities. Continuous existential crises inspired my images as so called non-traditional, distorted, unregulated, abstract.


Thus, subject matters' inspiration by human interaction under socio-political spectrum, objective/subjectivity aside existentialism and aesthetics yield my practice.


Since 2013, I live in Berlin and was born in north of divided Cyprus.


15th Paratissima Art Fair, 2019 (Torino, Italy)

1st Chania Photography Festival 2018 (Crete, Greece)

17th Openair Art fair 2017 (Berlin, Germany)