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I, Mustafa Kemal and given family name as "Kim" (interrogative "Who?" in English) was born in northern Cyprus, in 1990.


To be born a name of already asking "who is..?", I was triggered to get an unusual response and denied prepared responses and decided to begin a journey to discover my own unknown. Due to that, I left Cyprus and moved to Berlin, in 2013. Shortly after, "mustakemakima" was formed as another attempt to escape society´s biases befitted on "unknown".

This escapism lead self-taught "mustakemakima" to reinforce avoidance on perfection, on norms and known via his images.
In his practice, distorting objects purposely to dispose the new in the exact moment, became to frame his unknown, aiming reflection on its audience by mainly using kinetic-lightpainting technique. 
Selected abstract images from urban scenery, autoportraits and portraits are categorized under "incolor", "black&white", "selves", "&others". Continuously developing projects together with existing projects as Silhouettes, Abstraction Construction, Patterns, his journey carries existent
ial of the unknown. 


15. Paratissima Art Fair, 2019
 | curated by Paolo Lolicata & Laura Pieri

Turin, Italy

1st Chania International Photography Festival, 2018

organized by blankwall gallery

Crete, Greece

15. Openair Gallery, 2017

Berlin, Germany